About Me

Laurel Huston

Laurel_Headshot  Laurel Huston is a skilled presenter, and mentor specializing in appearance. More specifically, Personal Image Profiling: identify markers on our bodies that signify gifts and abilities given to us by our creator to help us remember we have a purpose in this life experience. She uses 15 years’ experience as a professional cosmetologist to identify these traits in us and others. After several years of teaching anatomy while still working as a cosmetologist, she realized that certain personality patterns continually occurred in clients and students with similar physical features. By combining knowledge of body language, proportions in the body, anatomy and physiology, and our spiritual gifts Personal Image Profiling was discovered.

Laurel has 17 years’ experience as a presenter and trainer. She earned a Bachelor Degree in Communication from Utah State University in 2007. She started Reflections-Inside & Out in the winter of 2012. Since then she has presented at over 2 dozen different conference. She has created 4 multiple day classes which she teaches several times throughout the year. Laurel is married and has 2 children.