Group Mentoring

S.O.S. Group Mentoring

Last time you decided to make a life style change did it work or did you find yourself screaming for help? What did you have or didn’t you have that got you the results you wanted. Successful people have support, opportunity for growth and they celebrate their successes. This group mentoring is set up to do those 3 things and more!  No need to feel like you are alone in your desire to progress and improve. Join us for 12+ hours of intense training and stop feeling like your life is one sinking ship after another.

  • 6 - 2 hour sessions in person or online
  • Team of like minded people to help you achieve your goals
  • Workbook to guide your progression
  • Accountability groups to help keep you on track
  • Advanced training beyond any other class taught by RI&O
  • Progression in money, resources, health and time management

Pull up your anchors holding you in place. Get the support, opportunity and success you are striving for. You asked for help and here it is. S.O.S. group mentoring.


“Way surpassed my expectations! If you want to find your gifts, talents & a clue into your purpose- you MUST attend these classes!” Leah 39

12 week Program