Master YOUR Mind

1 day class

mindTuition $375.00 Per person

When you want something do you usually get it, or do you get stuck on the “HOW”? Do you see people around you achieving great things while still doing it legally and ethically? Join them and me in completing your goals. Whether they are for work, home or personal I can teach you the level beyond basic dream boards and SMART goals. Start your future off with amazing tools proven to help you reach new levels of success in money, relationships, health and more.

In this 1 full day class you will be trained to:

  • Manage your time effectively and efficiently
  • Communicate desires with others
  • Ways to overcome negative self-talk that is holding you back
  • Tools to set and accomplish goals, both personal and in the work place
  • Learn to allow instead of control
  • Create the life you deserve!

1 day tuition