Messages & Microphones

Messages & Microphones

3 day class

messageTuitions $1450.00 per person

*ask about company group rates

Do you ever find yourself in front of an “audience” needing to share a thought or idea with the group? Would you like to do it in a safe, easy and effective way? Whether you are training a sales team, preparing a lesson plan or wanting to change the world this class will help you refine your message and prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for the opportunity. This class can help ALL ages of people wanting to share a message with others. Not sure what your message is!?  This class will help you find it and refine it.

You will be trained in:

  • Organizing your thoughts into a cohesive workshop for any occasion
  • Reading and understanding learning styles and body language
  • Tools to overcome crippling beliefs about money, and how to receive it from others
  • How to adjust energy during a presentation
  • Designing a program from start to finish
  • Ways to use stories and games to teach
  • Becoming a fearless presenter

3 day Tuition

It doesn’t matter what you teach, this class is for YOU! Come play at 100% and be amazed at the difference you can make in your life and the lives of others!