No Capes! Hero Training

herotrainingDo you have a hero? Someone you look up to and desire to talk to.  Most of us have a list of characteristics that we admire in others and that others admire in us. ALL people have gifts talents and abilities to help themselves and others become successful. Coaches, mentors, teachers and advisors will all benefit from this training.  Just because you may not have the titles listed doesn’t mean someone doesn’t see you as one. In this training you will learn:

  • How to help others choose success
  • Ways to receive money for you knowledge and experience
  • Techniques to tell stories that teach
  • Receive training tools to help overcome blocks that are holding us back
  • Learn how to safely give advice to o
  • Learn how to safely give advice to others
  • Learn to recognize what motivates people
  • Create and start your own mentor/coaching business

Help others see the good in life- become a hero!

2 day class Tuition