The Looking Glass

Not sure why you look the way you look? Do you want to know what your body language is telling those around you? This is an opportunity to learn about yourself as well as listen and watch up to 7 other people. Each participant will receive a 45 minutes on stage profile. You will be given tools to both release and empower you to know and understand more about who you are and more about your purpose. This is a small group setting to help maintain a SAFE environment of growth.


Personal Image Profiling:

Identify markers on our bodies that signify gifts and abilities to help us remember we have a purpose in this life experience.

  • Select multiple features to learn about
  • Gain empowerment and release tools not taught in other classes
  • Receive one on one mentoring
  • Observe profiling techniques and tips
  • Receive a video file of YOUR profiling experience

1 Day Class Tuition Limited To 8 Persons