Women Warriors

2 Day Class

What does being a women mean to you? Do you see your own strength and beauty the potential for greatness that is part of who you are?

Do you feel like to have to me “strong” all the time or your world will crumble.

Find the woman warrior inside of you. Learn to be strong, and gentle. Nurturing, and influencing..  Increase the value you view yourself with.

The purpose of Women Warriors is to help you recognize your value and importance, as a woman, in this life experience. To know that you matter and to discover different gifts and abilities to aid you in your purpose. Remove comparison, perfectionism and people pleaser tendencies from your lifestyle. Through Personal Image Profiling you can discover just how important you are. You can change your attitude and thoughts about your body, and your gender.

Personal Image Profiling:

Identify markers on our bodies that signify gifts and abilities to help us remember we have a purpose in this life experience.

You will be trained to:

  • Identify facial features and their meaning
  • Identify body features and their gifts
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Better relationships personal and business
  • Love and honor your body
  • Change the negative self-talk in your head
  • Increase your capacity to bring new people, new resources and new money into your home
  • Learn the 10 types of connections
  • Recapture your sensual side and find joy in it!

2 day class Tuition