Divinity is within you, and now is the time to discover and unleash the amazing being of creation you were meant to be.

  • Discover and embrace your Divine identity…
  • Claim your power of influence for good…
  • Dive deeply into understanding intimacy and the role it plays in healing your body, your money and your relationship with pleasure...

Do you feel it…?  The Divine Feminine awakening that is happening all over the world? Women are raising!

When you heal a women you can heal the world, and now it is the time to Discover Your Divine Feminine!


None of us came with a manual, but we did all come with a map! You are the key to understanding your purpose and direction, it is written on your body.


Learn to live a tuned in, turned on life. Discover what is really stopping you from having the money, the body and the intimacy you long for.


This one-of-a-kind retreat is for women who are wanting to have a better relationship with their bodies, their money, and intimacy.

You Look The Way You Look For A Reason

Get Out Of Comparison

When you learn to measure yourself ONLY against you, you finally find who you truly are.

Find Direction

We all came to this life with a purpose and have gifts and talents we were born with to help accomplish our purpose.

Identify Gifts on the Body

We all came to this life with a purpose and have gifts and talents we were born with to help accomplish our purpose.

Connect Mind Body Spirit

Our brain has ONE mission… keep you alive, but it doesn’t always mean we are living. When we have a mind, body and a soul connection, we LIVE!

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Laurel Huston, Speaker, Coach

Laurel Dawn Huston is an award-winning international keynote speaker and mentor. She is innovative, and engaging on stage, with ground-breaking content. She is the creator of Body Mapping, a Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator and a Tantra coach. By honing these skills Laurel has become a highly sought-after expert in masculine and feminine energy. She has helped 1000s regain trust and confidence in their relationships with money, their body and sacred sexual experiences that create and improve intimacy. Laurel utilizes balancing the masculine/feminine energies, Body Mapping and breathwork to empower others to reunite with their divine energy... so they can live a life of tuned in and turned on.



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When you
that you are
divine, you can’t
help but shine!

-Laurel Huston




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Women Influenced

Come With Me On A Journey As You Discover Your Divine Reflection!

Living a Tuned In & Turned On life!

Wake up to your Divine Reflection, one that embraces a balance of empowered masculine and feminine energy. We want to see you heal and align on a deep level that connects your mind, body, and spirit to your divine role.

“Laurel has something for EVERYONE… Through her classes I have been able to bust through past trauma, upgrade core beliefs and live a more peaceful life!”
- Kelly

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