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Laurel Dawn Huston as a Divine Enchantress


Laurel Dawn Huston is an award winning international keynote speaker. She is innovative, passionate, and engaging on stage, with ground-breaking content. She is the creator of Body Mapping, a technique used to identify markers on our bodies that signify gifts, abilities and personality traits. Laurel has worked with 1000s of clients, helping them regain trust with their relationships with time, money, their bodies, and intimacy. She teaches Body Mapping to empower others to reunite with their divine energy... to live a life of tuned in and turned on. 

Body Mapping is the map the universe left on your body to help you remember- you have purpose, you matter, you are enough!


Body Mapping was created through 20 years of study as Laurel earned several college degrees (Psychology, Speech Communication, and Human Development), taught anatomy, body language, energy healing, and followed inspiration. She now uses it to empower and inspire others to discover their highest self.

It Is Time To Live The Life You Desire. A Life Of Tuned In And Turned On!

"Laurel Dawn Hudson is an incredible presenter. She gives amazing content packed full of golden nuggets of information. I absolutely loved attending her event."

- Rachael Shaw

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