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Learn to utilize and embrace your divine Identity and empowered Influence to create a life filled with meaningful Intimacy through these events and courses.

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Become a a S.T.A.M. certified mentor/coach today and be part of the fastest growing holistic modality. 
This is a 3+month program that
trains students to be safe, confident,
and effective mentors that embody
what they teach with the option to add up to three areas of focus. 
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None of us came with a manual, but your body has a map. Book a session to learn what message your body has for you.

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Breath Mapping

Somatic Breath Mapping is breathwork used in a way that your breath, physical sensations and the energy around you align to deeply heal you.

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Tantra is Sacred Sexuality and the practice of using it for manifestation and healing. 
Tantra Relationship Mapping is taught from a Christian preceptive for couples and singles alike.
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You Have a Purpose, You Matter, You Are Enough!

These workshops and events were created to help you discover your purpose, divinity, and path. You will learn to start living with the gifts you were born with.

Become a certified Somatic Trauma Aware Mentor!

You Have To Feel It To Heal It! Help Others By Getting S.T.A.M. Certified

What is S.T.A.M.?

Somatic- Body awareness, sensation caused by the energetic fields, and how to shift them through movement, mind and energy.

Trauma Aware- A level of awareness that helps prevent retraumatization when working with clients, and is also used to help regulate the nervous system in yourself & others.

Mentor- a guide, teacher, coach or healer dedicated to helping others improve their lives.

The RI&O Somatic Trauma Aware Mentor Certification program prepares students to be safe, confident, and effective mentors that embody what they teach. This program is a 10 week live course with up to three areas of focus that can be added on to increase your skill set and income!

Earn Your S.T.A.M. Certification And Add Up To Three Areas Of Focus

Advanced Body Mapping

Advanced Body Mapping

None of us came with a manual, but we all have a map. A map that is found in and on your body, through measuring your proportions, symmetry and learning the language of your body. Spiritual gifts come through the body. When you see your body as a partner instead of a problem it increases your somatic awareness and improves your ability to utilize your intuition, empathic awareness and spiritual gifts. Advanced Body Mapping is a proprietary modality taught only by Reflections Inside & Out. Laurel Huston, the creator of body mapping with her train mentors will guide you through the entire body.

During ABM you will:

  • Learn the messages and symptoms of the body so they can be fully understood and healed
  • Discover the meaning of your features, size, shape, texture, etc of your body
  • Reconnect to the body on a deep level
  • Identify the markers and meanings of the body to improve relationships with other people

Somatic Breath Mapping™

Somatic Breath Mapping is the combination of many different forms of breathwork that have traditionally been used to relax and connect. SBM takes breathing one step further by using the breath to help the body heal and release, not just relax. Most forms of breathwork are used to relax the nervous system. When you learn SBM you will:

  • Learn to use the breath to regulate the nervous system while also healing through releasing old programs, patterns or blocks through breath
  • Understand the difference between breathing air and moving energy
  • Interpret the sensation in the body for deep connection and spiritual “downloads”
  • Develop quick and efficient ways to help yourself and other with anxiety, depression and other big emotions

Tantra Relationship Mapping™

Tantra is the practice of Sacred Sexuality. It is a way to heal and expand through pleasure, love and sexual experiences. TRM will focus on bringing the ancient healing and manifestation art of tantra and merge it with the traditional teachings of Christianity. Many Christians are taught that sex is sacred, but they are not taught how to make have Sacred Sexuality. This will be non-denominational.

This course is helpful for both individuals and couples who are:

  • Looking to heal and deepen their relationship with their divine powers of creation
  • Desire to heal past hurt, abuse, neglect or betrayal of past relationships
  • Create a safe environment for relationships of all kinds to thrive
  • Ready to reclaim their body and pleasure as theirs to choose with whom they share it
  • Embrace and find value in both the masculine and feminine energy we all have
  • Improve pleasure and intimacy on an exponential level
  • Remove shame around sexuality

Your Enchanted Journey Group Mentoring

A Life Worth Living Should Be An Enchanted Journey

Each month a new course that focuses on your body, your money or intimacy will be taught live!

Plus you get access to all previous courses for as long as you are in the program!

Bonus Breath Mapping, Body Mapping and Q&A sessions each month as well.

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"By following what Laurel is teaching I have overcome so many trials and learned so much through them. Thank you for sharing what you know and helping me to become what I desire to be."

- Christi Green Warr

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